Butterflies By Ray Carroll

Each piece is an original and unique work of art, designed, hand-painted and signed by the artist.
The paint is specially formulated by the suppliers for painting on glass (2m/m, clear, in this case) but, while the colours are non-fugitive, (by comparison with watercolours), the work should not be left in direct sunlight.

Each piece is copper-foiled, backed with mountboard, and presented with stained and varnished softwood stand, and finished with green baize for the protection of polished surfaces on which they may be displayed.
Size : 12.5cm x 12cm approx. However as all of the work is hand- worked some minor variation in dimension is inevitable.

Inspiration: Real butterflies inspired the work, and so, lovers of beautiful butterflies may recognise certain well-known species for example “Monarch”, “Admiral”, “Morph Blue” “Sylphina Angel” etc. among this collection. However, the artist, in presenting his own impressions here, has taken some artistic and creative licence with colour and design.

The form and design of each piece emulate and suggest impressions of stained glass.
Standard returns and refund policy apply for returns in good, sound condition, as received, within 30 days, all costs (postage, packaging and any other local duties) to be borne by the buyer.

All rights and copyright apply to the artist, and no part of these works may be copied or reproduced by any means or for any purpose whatsoever without the prior express permission of the artist.

a new concept in affordable art

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